FAQ Tenant

How to arrange a viewing when I found a suitable rental from your company?

Contact the specific agent as mentioned in the ad – text message to their mobile phone is the best way. Mention the address of the rental property, your name and preferred time (if there is no pre-set viewing time).

How to apply a property?

Please email info@nzps.co

How do you make decision when selecting a tenant?

We have to decline some applicants when we have multiple applications. We will do reference check and credit check to help our decision. Suitability is the main factor we would take into consideration.

How to write reference when make payment to you?

We have lots of tenants paying rent and other chargers into the same account so clear reference is important for us to recognise each payment, whether it’s for rent or water charges etc. We want the reference formatted as “StreetName, StreetNumber, TenantName and Rent or Water”(such as DominionRd1282-A Smith-Rent). Keep your receipt if you deposit money manually at counter, sometimes we see meaningless reference done by teller, such as Rent, Water, Deposit… In such case, you will need to show us the bank receipt to claim your payment.

How do I request maintenance work?

Property managers are constantly distracted by various requests from different parties. We have to prioritise different tasks all the time. We really hope our tenants can restrict phone calls only for very urgent matters. We prefer emails for not so urgent matters, and text message for urgent ones. If you have trouble getting in touch with your manager in charge after several attempts, contact the office.

What if I wish to terminate the fixed term before expiry date?

Discuss with your manager ASAP. The basic rule is not to let the owner suffer loss of rent. We would like to help you to deal with unexpected circumstances when it occurs.